The Guiding Empowering Women Entrepreneur Leaders for Success (GEWELS) program’s mission is to empower women of all ages while providing an understanding of common practices and the administrative needs of a business by offering training in essential workplace skills that are highly valued by entrepreneurs and employers.

The GEWELS program is designed for individuals who are striving to improve their overall quality of life, by establishing a consistent source of income and a foundation for growth, which is in direct alignment with the mission statement, vision and core competencies of Paving Great Futures.

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The GEWELS program is designed to empower women to meet their needs and achieve their dreams, while accepting themselves completely. Understanding that the things we have been through in life will only make us stronger if we embrace them and use those experiences as fuel to propel ourselves forward!


Component One

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices Circle: Every seminar begins with this practice, which allows participants to connect with fellow classmates and facilitators.

It cultivates community amongst the class, enhances communication, and provides a space for mutual support.


Component Two


This component of the GEWELS program focuses on the business start-up process – from conception to launch. Offering participants guidance through brainstorming their business model – offering, monetization, sustainability and everything in between. This program creates space for inspiration and clarity on the autonomy, purpose, flexibility and financial success of being an entrepreneur.


Component Three

Business Technology

This section offers participants hands-on training in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word, as well as Google Docs and other highly-utilized business software.

An introduction to each of these programs will be covered at the weekly seminars and in-depth training on each program will be offered in the six optional workshops.


Component Four

Paving Great Futures Core Values

Paving Great Futures Core Values: This section covers larger issues related to overcoming barriers to success, developing job readiness, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, financial literacy, responsible life skills, and community service.

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