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Beginning 4/27/2019, PGF started operating its Cannabis Education Opportunity program a year-long training program for at-risk and high-need San Diego residents.

The CEO program is designed for individuals from low-income and high-crime communities of San Diego that were affected by the war on drugs, and is specifically tailored to assist individuals currently embroiled in the criminal justice system that fall under prop 64.

PGF uses a 2-pronged strategy to assess, educate, and prepare CEO participants to become self-reliant by obtaining and retaining employment and or ownership.

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Can A ‘Cannabis Equity’ Program Work In San Diego?

December 15th, 2019


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Workforce Development Assessment

PGF provides each participant with a workforce development assessment.

We assess participants’ basic skills in conduct, literacy, basic math, writing, reasoning, problem solving, decision-making, dress code, attitude, and professionalism.

At the conclusion of the training program, participants are re-assessed to determine experiential growth.

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C.E.O Classses

CEO classes train participants in the fundamentals of job readiness in the emerging cannabis industry.

PGF provides paid on-the-job training for CEO participants through our strategic resource partners.

PGF teaches participants how to manage their personal and family finances. This training includes strategies for business finances, investments, building and maintaining a financial plan, and retirement.

PGF also teaches participants Business/financing- how to run and operate your own business, aspects related to Legislation/Social Justice, as well as Health and public safety knowledge and benefits.

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Train in the fundamentals of job readiness in the emerging cannabis industry.

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