Culinary Hospitality Administration Management Program


Presenting the

CHAMP Program

The CHAMP program is designed for individuals from low-income and high-crime communities of San Diego, and is specifically tailored to assist individuals currently embroiled in the criminal justice system and individuals at risk of gang-related criminal activity, substance abuse, human sex trafficking, incarceration, homelessness, and violence.

The next session starts January 20, 2021 at 6:00pm


CHAMP’s Five pronged strategy

Workforce Development Assessment

PGF provides each participant with a workforce development assessment. We assess participants’ basic skills in literacy, math, writing, reasoning, problem solving, and decision-making. At the conclusion of the training program, participants are re-assessed to determine experiential growth.

CHAMP Classes

CHAMP classes train participants in the fundamentals of operating a food service or hospitality business.  

Job Training

PGF provides paid on-the-job training for CHAMP participants through Champion Catering and Flippers Fish & Chicken, our food service business ventures. Participants acquire knowledge and experience by working catering jobs — including corporate events, weddings, and conferences — and mobile street fairs throughout the county of San Diego.

Financial Literacy

PGF teaches participants how to manage their personal and family finances. This training includes strategies for business finances, investments, building and maintaining a financial plan, and retirement.

Support Services

We provide direct support services and referrals to participants in need. Support services include, but are not limited to, assistance with transportation, housing, medical services, assistance with work attire and work-related tools, and connections to other community resources.

CHAMP is innovative in that it is designed to provide financial compensation to participants as they undertake the program.

CHAMP is directed by Armand King, who has over 20 years of food service, hospitality, and catering experience. CHAMP utilizes instructors from various professional backgrounds — including chefs, hospitality managers, and food service directors — to deliver the program’s content, ensuring a comprehensive curriculum. CHAMP also utilizes volunteers from the community and other business industries to assist in teaching program participants valuable life skills and business related topics.