Engineering & Music Program Inspiring Rising Entrepreneurs

Comprehensive curriculum that includes studio engineering, graphic design, relevant STEM fundamentals, and multimedia business operations.

Through valuable hands-on experience, participants are taught how to build and manage their own music industry or multimedia businesses…

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Credible instructors from Paving Great Futures use multimedia as a tool to mentor and teach the six core competencies.

EMPIRE is designed for young people who are at risk of gang-related criminal activity, substance abuse, human sex trafficking, incarceration, homelessness, and violence. Participants are young people from low income and high crime areas in San Diego, including individuals with minor intellectual and behavioral disabilities.

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EMPIRE Builders

on the job training

As participants undertake the EMPIRE curriculum, they are given the option of enrolling in EMPIRE Builders, our on-the-job training program. EMPIRE Builders produces t-shirts and other graphic work, which is then marketed and sold by participants. The money generated by the t-shirt printing and graphic design operation is used to help sustain and expand the program, and to pay participants a small stipend. By paying the participants, PGF helps mitigate the hardships of poverty and cultivates participants’ work ethic.

EMPIRE final project

At the conclusion of the school year, EMPIRE participants help plan and present a collaborative final project in the form of the San Diego Youth Hip Hop & Leadership Summit, hosted by San Diego State University.

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