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From Carpenter to Zoning Investigator III, the City has a variety of job opportunities for people with diverse skills. To learn more about current City of San Diego job openings visit our Career Page. Be sure to fill out a job interest card to receive notifications when classifications in the category or categories that interest you are open.

Here’s a selection of current open and promotional opportunities.

Open Opportunities:

Carpenter – T11590-202203  4/25/2022
Community Development Coordinator – T11518-2022044/25/2022
Contract Specialist – T11430-202204  5/9/2022
Assistant Engineer – Civil – T11361-202109Continuous
Associate Engineer – Civil – T11362-202109 Continuous
Compliance and Performance Monitoring Manager, Homelessness StrategiesContinuous
Debt Coordinator, Debt Management Department (UC)Continuous
Deputy Director, Pure Water Division, Public Utilities Department5/2/2022
Dispatcher I – T10956-202003Continuous
Dispatcher II – T10957-202003Continuous
Electrician – T10557-2021014/25/2022
Environmental Biologist III – T11323-2022034/25/2022
Field Representative – T11588-2022034/25/2022
Fire Dispatcher – T11599-202204 Continuous
Grounds Maintenance Worker I – T11225-202204 4/25/2022
Grounds Maintenance Worker II – T11457-2022036/6/2022
HVACR Technician – T10048-201507 Continuous
Information Systems Analyst II – T11589-2022034/25/2022
Instrumentation and Control Supervisor – T11455-202111   5/2/2022
Junior Engineer – Civil – T11360-202109Continuous
Laborer – T11178-202109Continuous
Land Surveying Assistant – T11431-202009Continuous
Legal Secretary I – T11131-201907 Continuous
Legal Secretary II – T11132-201907 Continuous
Legislative Program Manager, Ethics Commission (UC)Continuous
Legislative Recorder I – T11449-202204 4/25/2022
Legislative Recorder II – T11450-202204 4/25/2022
Life Safety Inspector I – T11299-2022044/25/2022
Life Safety Inspector II – T11300-2022044/25/2022
Lifeguard I – T11079-2021064/25/2022
Park Ranger – T10944-2022044/25/2022
Park Ranger Aide – T10488-2022044/25/2022
Pesticide Applicator – T11472-2021114/25/2022
Plan Review Specialist I – T11451-202109Continuous
Plant Process Control Electrician – T11486-2021034/25/2022
Police Dispatcher – T10958-202204Continuous
Police Officer (Recruit Level) – T11130-201712Continuous
Police Officer I – T10644-201410Continuous
Police Officer II – T10645-201410Continuous
Pool Guard I – T10996-202103Continuous
Pool Guard II – T10997-202103Continuous
Principal Survey Aide – T11128-201903Continuous
Program Coordinator, External Affairs and Policy, Public Utilities Department5/2/2022
Program Coordinator, Homelessness Support, Department of Real Estate and Airport Management (UC)Continuous
Program Coordinator, IT Projects and Governance, Public Utilities Department5/1/2022
Program Coordinator, Performance & Analytics Department (UC) Continuous
Program Coordinator/Cyber-Security Engineer, Dept of Information Technology (UC)Continuous
Program Manager, Water Meter Services Division, Public Utilities Department (UC)  5/1/2022
Project Assistant – T10496-202202 4/25/2022
Recreation Aide – T11355-202107Continuous
Recreation Leader I – T10975-202105Continuous
Recreation Leader II – T11348-202105Continuous
Retirement Assistant – T11605-202204  4/25/2022
Safety Representative I – T11317-202203 4/25/2022
Safety Representative II – T11445-202201  4/25/2022
Sanitation Driver II – T11528-202110Continuous
Sanitation Driver Trainee – T11513-202105Continuous
SAP Finance/Logistics Functional Support, Program Coordinator, Department of IT (UC)  Continuous
SAP ISU Billing Functional Program Coordinator, Department of Information Technology (UC)Continuous
Senior Combination Inspector – T11242-202204  4/25/2022
Senior Disposal Site Representative – T11438-202204  4/25/2022
Senior Wastewater Operations Supervisor – T11084-202201  4/25/2022
Storm Water Inspector II – T11287-202204  4/25/2022
Supervising Homeland Security Coordinator – T10606-202204  4/25/2022
Supervising Plan Review Specialist – T11279-202204  4/25/2022
Supervising Property Specialist – T11592-202203 4/25/2022
Survey Trainee – T11600-202204 5/16/2022
Swimming Pool Manager I – T10998-202103Continuous
Swimming Pool Manager II – T10999-202103Continuous
Swimming Pool Manager III – T11000-202103Continuous
Therapeutic Recreation Leader – T11314-2021055/9/2022
Traffic Signal Technician I – T11117-202005Continuous
Traffic Signal Technician II – T11540-202109  4/25/2022
Utility Worker II – T11573-2022046/27/2022
Victim Services Coordinator – T11407-202204  5/2/2022
Wastewater Pretreatment Inspector I – T11460-202203  4/25/2022
Wastewater Pretreatment Inspector II – T11461-202203  4/25/2022
Water Systems Technician I – T10667-201707Continuous
Water Systems Technician II – T10668-201707Continuous
Water Systems Technician III – T10669-201707Continuous
Zoning Investigator I – T11582-202202 5/2/2022
Zoning Investigator II – T11583-202202 5/2/2022

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