Leadership and Civic Engagement Development

The Leadership and Civic Engagement Development (LACED) program works to ensure the collective voice of underrepresented communities is heard. LACED trains and educates young people to take leadership positions on local government boards and commissions and to advocate for local decision making that addresses current social and economic challenges. By having community representation in local decision-making bodies — and, ideally, on the state level — there will be a direct impact on policies, procedures, and allocation of resources which will benefit marginalized San Diego communities.

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Program Highlights

Paving Great Futures strives to educate and empower community members in San Diego County to engage, collaborate with, and become civil servants and government officials. Effective leadership development is the catalyst for systemic social change. PGF seeks to build political fluency in underrepresented communities so they can influence local government policy.

Gain Understanding

Our goal is to advance the social and economic issues that impact people of color by training leaders and representatives that reflect community values.

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L.A.C.E.D Classes

LACED classes are 3 hours long and are scheduled once a week. The course includes a 10 week intensive training followed by an advanced training class scheduled once per month for 9 months. The program includes the following 4 components:


Start here and now

Get Involved

Community engagement and leadership: Participants are trained on how to properly get involved in their community as leaders.


Gain deeper understanding

Knowledge of Political Structure

Political engagement and leadership: Participants learn basic national government political structure, government roles and responsibilities, laws, and policies.


Take a stand

Engagement and Leadership

Criminal Justice system engagement and leadership: In this section participants learn how the criminal justice system operates and how to get involved to support and reform.


Dont just stand there

Become an advocate

Don’t just stand there. Do something!: Throughout the 10 week course participants must engage or attend a minimum of three actual civic events. The 3 events must be related to each section (A,B,C) Politics, Community, and Criminal Justice. Participants may attend more than 3 and are encouraged to. Event dates are be provided to participants.

So, don’t just sit there

Classes start

September 2, 2020!

Our L.A.C.E.D. class is going virtual. Class will be held Wednesdays from 6pm-9pm
for 10 weeks. We will be learning and discussing community leadership, local politics,
and the criminal justice system with professionals in those fields.

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