San Diego, CA, September 26, 2020 – Paving Great Futures is proud to announce it has been selected as a 2020 California Nonprofit of the Year by Assemblymember Dr. Shirley N. Weber.

Paving Great Futures is one of over a hundred other nonprofits that will be honored by their state senators and assembly members for their tremendous contributions to the communities they serve.

“It is amazing to be recognized as an impact organization. It makes all of the thought, time, energy, and work that we put into servicing our communities well worth it. Beyond the Recognition from the State, it is also gratifying to see the impact that we are having on individuals that we love and care for in times of need by serving as an anchor of support. We are especially thankful for Dr. Shirley Weber who has encouraged our organization to be the best we can be for our community since Paving Great Futures’ inception. Her support and words of encouragement have often been the fuel needed to keep our organization inspired to serve, and for that we are extremely thankful to have her as an ally.”

-Barry Harris Jr.