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“Catch Up on the ongoing series of Take Em To Church! and Money Mondays on Paving Great Futures IGTV ”

“Catch Up on the ongoing series of Take Em To Church! and Money Mondays on Paving Great Futures IGTV.”


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The Time Is Now

We’ve Got To Save Ourselves

Recognize the power, intelligence, and creativity that we truly have. If you haven’t noticed by now that there is no calvary coming into the community to help us out of the generational curse placed on us. It’s time to come to realize that in order to really change this around and finally end the cycle of death and incarceration WE HAVE GOT TO SAVE OURSELVES!!!

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Save Ourselves Video

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We got to do better,
we got to do better.
The streets are cold, go and get you a sweater,

the time is now Homie let’s go get it,
No back door Hustling let’s buy all these buildings.

Transferable skills the only way we’re going to get it
Uniting our people no more time for the b*****it.

James Bell

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Save Ourselves Project

Save Ourselves Instrumental

This is the instrumental from the song SAVE OURSELVES witch is featured on the Paving Great Futures project Take’em 2 Chuuch ‘A Message From The Big Homie’

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Spreading Love

Throughout San Diego

For two months we collected names of families that were in need of a little extra care this holiday season. At first we only wanted to accept 10 but as the names poured in, we ended up with 20.

Eventually the 20 went down to 18 and eventually 18 families received a special care package from Paving Great Futures.

We were able to do this With the help of our corporate sponsor ChefWorks and the amazing community volunteers that went out on their Christmas Eve to share joy with others.

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